We thank Gastronomos magazine for its excellent review of our restaurant!
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Every time we eat at Ella’s, it’s full. Open noon-evening, the world alternates but there is a constant pattern. Couples with small children, two and three many times per table and many strangers. Having a four-year-old daughter, I want you to believe me when I say that the restaurant you choose to go to with your child, you’ve been through a thousand sieves. For the obvious: cleanliness, quality, flavors that can be understood and a palate that now begins its training, but also for the air of hospitality. Ella has an intimate quality, is affordable and friendly, is conveniently located in the sights of the center and Plaka and has excellent value for money. There’s no need for another explanation as to why it attracts a lot of foreign visitors. And yet what always fascinates me is because it doesn’t seem to be much discussed in gourmet circles. Not that he needs it, I’m just commenting on it for observation. And I have the answer. It’s not fashionable. fortunately.